Why the Pacers have the best chance to win the Eastern Conference

As we near the deadline, the Pacers are in a tough spot.

They don’t have a great roster, but they have a very good coaching staff.

But there are a couple of players who are still struggling.

I’m not sure which one, though, but I think they will have the edge.

They have some talented players, and the coaches are still learning how to play with them.

The Pacers are playing great defense, and if they can keep that up, the frontcourt is going to be pretty special.

But I think if they don’t, I’m going to say the Pacers will be in the same boat as last year.

Indiana will need to get its offense going and get the spacing and spacing and the playmaking.

It can’t be anemic.

It needs to be on the upswing.

Indiana has one of the best coaches in the NBA, but the defense needs to come.

They are getting better, but this is an old team.

Indiana’s defense will need some serious help to get to where it needs to go.

That doesn’t mean it can’t get better, though.

This is a rebuilding season, and a lot of the things that made this team great are still there.

But the front office needs to do some things right.

The first step is finding a coach who knows what he’s doing, and I don’t think there is one in Indy.

He will have to get some new ideas.

The second step is figuring out who is going be the most important piece of the puzzle.

There are a few guys who have to step up and step up, and those guys need to play well and have a lot more responsibility.

They need to be in charge of the offense, and then the defense will come.

But those two things are the two biggest pieces of this team.

But they need to go, too.

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