When the Spurs’ schedule turns ugly, the NBA gets into a brawl

The NBA gets a lot of grief these days for having to play its regular-season games in cities it doesn’t like.

But that hasn’t stopped it from having to do so in many other ways.

So, as the league’s schedule gets tighter, so does the pressure on its stars to be perfect.

That’s what happened last season.

The Spurs won their final four games, but the rest of the league was able to take advantage of their wins.

That was when the NBA had a lot more playoff pressure on players.

The league didn’t have to play as many games in order to make up for the losses, so players got more motivated to play.

The only thing that slowed the league down was the lack of time.

The NBA started a new format in 2017, where teams play six games in 12 days.

So while the schedule got tighter, the schedule itself wasn’t.

And that meant the league had to play fewer games to fill the playoffs.

The result?

Players had to spend more time on the court, which made them more likely to get hurt or suffer a season-ending injury.

Now, if you were watching the NBA on television, you might think that the league didn, too.

That would be the first thing you’d think.

After all, it’s the NBA that makes money.

That makes money for the league.

So why would it do anything to make its players more focused?

That’s the question being asked by many players.

I get the frustration.

I understand how the NBA works, and I know that the game’s been broken for years.

But there’s something about the schedule that’s so punishing, and yet so easy.

Players have been getting injured for years and have had to be the one to fix it.

The problem is, there are too many games.

And the more games, the harder it is for the players to play, especially if they can’t get the minutes.

Some players aren’t even in the league anymore.

And as soon as you start taking away games, there’s a disconnect between the players and the league, said Utah Jazz forward Rudy Gobert.

That disconnect creates a lot less focus on the team and a lot fewer opportunities for a team to win.

Players aren’t really focusing on the players, but instead, they’re focused on the game, said Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins.

The issue has been compounded by the fact that the NBA has more teams in the same market, making it harder to get players to stay together, and more teams can play each other.

For the league to even be able to have a healthy rivalry, it has to play eight or nine games in a row.

And in the playoffs, it only has five games in eight days.

That means players have to be more focused than ever.

They have to make the playoffs and get to the Finals.

That has been a constant struggle.

If you look at the NBA’s schedule since it was introduced in 2005, it hasn’t been very easy.

So what makes it even harder is the number of games each team plays.

In the NBA, there is a max of 16 games.

In 2018, the max was 20.

And since the NBA began the new format, teams have played 24 games.

The maximum for the 2019-20 season was 36 games.

Thats a total of 128 games.

For every additional game, the number is capped at 128.

So when teams play, they have to hit that limit every time.

And it becomes a constant battle for players.

For example, this past year, San Antonio Spurs center DeMar DeRozan had a career year with 24.7 points per game.

That led the league with 23 players averaging at least 24 points per contest.

But after the All-Star break, DeRos was playing with a broken hand, and the Spurs had to replace him.

He missed most of the postseason and the NBA Finals because he couldn’t play through a broken finger.

When DeRoshan’s season was over, the Spurs moved on to free-agent guard Rudy Gay.

He was playing well, but was playing on a new contract, and that led to a massive salary cap hit.

And Gay, who was averaging 15.4 points per night, was on the wrong team for the rest

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