Walmart: You can find a copy of the Unloved Game of Thrones at a store for $5

Walmart’s foray into the digital world has been a little slow, but the retail giant seems to be gearing up for some big changes.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Walmart confirmed it’s launching a new service for its online games and will be offering them for $3.99 per month.

The service is called Walmart Unlifted and will allow customers to stream games from Walmart’s website or a compatible app on their phone or tablet.

The company says that the app will be “available in the U.S. and Canada” starting in March.

The price is a bit steep for games that are usually around $2.99.

However, if you buy them digitally, you’ll get a free Walmart Game Pass.

“If you love the games and the service, we’d love to have you sign up for our free membership,” the company said.

Walmart’s partnership with HBO goes back a little longer than Unlowed, but it’s a different company than Game Pass, which is now owned by Disney.

That means the company isn’t directly competing with HBO.

It also doesn’t include a lot of the features that Game Pass offers, like a way to access your friends list or other game modes.

Walmart Unltlifted will also allow customers who have already paid for a subscription to add a $1.99 monthly charge for their service.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can still use the app to stream the games from your phone or TV.

That will cost you $1 per month, but if you’re already paying for a Walmart GamePass subscription, that’s $0.99 less than the monthly fee for the service.

Walmart plans to roll out Walmart Unloaded, a free app that lets you stream Walmart games on any device.

Walmart also announced plans for its new Walmart Family Stores, which will include a Walmart store and Walmart online grocery, pharmacy, and beauty stores.

Walmart Family stores will include more than 300 locations and the company is promising to have the stores open “in the coming months.”

Walmart says it will also add two Walmart Stores in the city of Dallas, Texas, in the coming weeks.

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