How to watch the Nebraska Basketball Final with the BBC Sport app

The last time the Cornhuskers beat Nebraska was in 2007, but with their latest victory, the Corns could become the first school to win a Final Four since 1986.

The game started in the fourth quarter with the Cornhogs trailing by six points.

It looked like it was going to be one of those games where the Huskers would be down by 14 points, but Nebraska rallied and won the game to move into the NCAA Championship.

It’s the first Final Four appearance for a Cornhusker since 1990, but it’s not the first time Nebraska has won a Final 4 since 1988.

The Cornhuskies also won the 2003 national championship.

The last time Nebraska won a national title was when it won the Final Four in 1986.

Nebraska was the only team in the country to beat Florida in the Final 4, and the Corndogs were the only ones to beat Duke in the championship game.

The Cornhushers won their first NCAA Final Four title in 2014.

They’ve been the best team in college basketball ever since.

They’re the only program in the history of the sport that has been to the Final 8, as well as the only one to win the national championship three times.

That means they’ve won the NCAA Tournament at least four times, but they haven’t won a title in five years.

Nebraska is the only school in the Big Ten Conference to have won at least three NCAA Championships.

The team is the first Big Ten team to have three national titles.

Nebraska’s two national championship teams are also the only schools in the nation to win all four national championships at the same time.

The team also has two national championships.

The Huskers won the Big East Tournament in 2011, but the team went to the NCAA Finals that year.

The teams are both in the Top 25 in KenPom, with the Huskies No. 1 overall and the Boilermakers No. 2 overall.

Nebraska has not won a Big Ten Tournament championship since 2001.

The Boilers have won six Big East titles and four Pac-12 Championships.

Both teams are ranked in the top 25 in ESPN’s preseason AP Poll.

Nebraska and the Husker team are the only teams to finish in the AP Top 25 for both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

The first game was a blowout, with Nebraska winning 95-87.

The second game was an overtime thriller with Nebraska beating Kansas 94-89.

The final game of the game was Nebraska winning 99-96.

The Huskers are the first team in school history to win back-to-back national championships, and they’re the first to win at least two titles in a season.

The first team to win both national titles was the 1985-86 Indiana Pacers.

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