How to watch college basketball today

I have been watching college basketball all year and have finally found the time to watch a bunch of games this week.

 Thats pretty amazing.

 It was nice to see the teams in action this week, but it was also nice to watch the players and coaches as well.

And of course the fans, who have been waiting to see these games for months.

You know how the NBA draft has been, the lottery, the NBA free agency, etc. Its not always easy to predict the best players out there, but here we have a couple of picks to get excited about.

Oklahoma State Oklahoma is the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

It has been the top seed for months, and it will get another shot at making it to the Sweet 16 on Thursday.

But that wont mean we can expect much of anything.

There will be some exciting matchups on Thursday, but its not likely that they will be the games we all want to see.

Oklahoma State has two players in Jalen Jones and Isaiah Taylor, and they will have to play to stay in the tournament.

It doesnt mean that the Cowboys are going to win every game.

They are going through some issues, but they will definitely have a chance to get into the Sweet sixteen.

Texas Tech Texas Tech is going to be the No 1 seed for the tournament and is one of the best teams in the country.

Texas Tech will have some interesting matchups this week in Oklahoma State and Texas.

The Cowboys will play in the first game of the tournament, on Wednesday.

Both teams will play two of the top teams in their conference, and this game will be extremely important.

If Texas Tech wins that game, they will take home the title.

This will be a very important game for the Cowboys to win, and I can guarantee you that there will be an extremely emotional crowd in attendance.

We will have a live stream of that game at 9 p.m.

ET, so stay tuned for that.

Kansas The Wildcats are one of my favorite teams to watch this year, and if they win the tournament they will likely go into the NCAA Tournament.

I am excited to see if the Wildcats can make the Sweet Four.

Kentucky Kentucky has been on a tear this year.


It was great to see them make a run to the NCAA title game, but the tournament will be very important to them.

While Kentucky has a very talented roster, the problem has been a lack of depth.

Here is what they have to do to get in:They will need to play some of the more talented teams in college basketball, and that doesnt include the Big East.

They will have three players from that conference, but only one of them is an All-American. 

Kansas will need a lot of help from the top players in the conference to make the NCAA final.

They should be able to get some help from their top players, but there are a lot more quality players in their system than they can play with.

Kentucky is not going to beat any of these teams, but that doesnt mean they cant play well enough to get back to the Final Four. 

Notre Dame Not too many people know this, but Notre Dame is in the hunt to win the NCAA championship.

Notre will play at Michigan State on Wednesday night.

Michigan State is not exactly known for their defense, but if they can keep this one to one they should be a lot better than Michigan. 

UConn Uconn is not really known for a lot.

UConn has struggled to win a lot this year with only six games, and its been pretty tough to get wins.

But its not like theyre just playing to win games, theyve had a few wins against some of these other teams.

That being said, they should have a very good team this year if they dont get a lot beat up.

They also dont need to be able play all their games, but you need to get a little bit better with the players. Wisconsin The Badgers are a very strong team in the Big Ten.

Wisconsin has had a lot to work with in the last few years, and the last three games of the regular season have been very good.

However, they need to improve with the help of the Badgers top players.

With the exception of a few games against Ohio State, the Badger team has struggled a lot against Michigan State and Michigan.

But Wisconsin will need the help from some of their top recruits to get out of the hole.

Indiana Indiana is going through a lot at the moment.

As the Big 12 championship has been up for grabs for months now, the Hoosiers have been able to find some success.

Their defense has improved, they have a lot

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