How to play the Cavaliers’ Cavs vs. Cavaliers in the playoffs

The Cavaliers are on their way to the NBA Finals after defeating the Warriors.

But there’s still a lot to look forward to for Cleveland, who is also going to be fighting the Warriors in a potential best-of-seven series for the NBA title.

Here are some things to watch for: 1.

How Cavs play with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James The Cavs will likely be the first team to play without both Irving and James.

If they do that, they’ll have to rely on their bench to play.

That means they’ll probably try to run a lot of pick-and-rolls, something they struggled to do last year when Irving was injured.

It will be interesting to see how the Cavs play against the Warriors with LeBron James on the floor, because he might be the difference between the Cavs winning or losing.

It would be interesting if they tried to run pick-up ball and some pick-two situations.

The Cavs have had some success with them, especially with Kevin Love on the court.

But they will also need to have Kyrie and James in the starting lineup if they want to win the series.


How the Cavaliers attack Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is likely going to take the first two games against the Cavs.

It’s possible that the Cavs will be the better team defensively, but they’ll also have to keep the Warriors off-balance.

Golden State’s bigs will be playing against players who are much taller than Curry.

That’s something that has to be avoided, especially in the first game, because it’s difficult to adjust defensively in the half court.

Curry can shoot the ball very well and is very good at getting to the rim.

The Warriors have a lot more guards on the roster than the Cavs, which will make it a lot harder for them to defend him.


Who will be leading the Cavaliers in scoring?

Stephen Curry is expected to score a lot in this series.

He’s averaging 27.4 points per game in the regular season, and he’s going to need that to score against Cleveland.

He has the best shooting percentage in the league with 38.6 percent from three-point range.

He also has one of the best assists rate at 16.3 percent, and that’s the only stat that gives him a significant advantage over the Warriors, who have a much higher assist rate at 11.1 percent.

It should be interesting how the Cavaliers use him.

If the Cavs start using him as the point guard, then it’s going be tough for Golden State to score.

If he stays at the 4 and they start to run more pick-n-roll sets, then Curry should be able to make shots for them.


How Cleveland will defend Kyrie?

The Cavs are going to have to be smart with how they defend Golden State.

They’re going to try to slow the Warriors down with the ball in their hands.

They’ve done that a lot last year with Kyrien Irving, and they will need to do that this year.

The Cavaliers will also try to use their bigs to slow down the Warriors’ pace.

That should be a huge problem for Golden States.


Who is going to score the most points?

The Cavaliers were averaging just under 105 points per 100 possessions last year.

That number dropped to 104.5 last year, and it was lower than the 110.7 points they averaged against the Thunder last year as well.

This year, the Cavs are expected to average 105.5 points per possession.

This will be an opportunity for them, because they’ve had some trouble scoring against the more athletic teams in the East.

But if they play their normal game, they should be OK. 6.

Who has the better shooting percentage?

Steph Curry was the best shooter in the NBA last year at 38.1.

That was second-best in the conference behind Kevin Durant.

The difference between Curry and Durant is that Curry is more athletic and can make shots from the perimeter.

That gives the Cavs a huge advantage over Durant, who was one of just three players in the Eastern Conference who could make threes.

However, Curry can make them from the corner.

He shot 47.3% from that spot last year and he shot 33.9% this year, which was also the best mark in the Big Three.


What about the Cavs’ perimeter defense?

Last year, they struggled against the teams with the most perimeter players.

The Thunder, Cavaliers and Hawks had the best defenders in the West, and all three were ranked in the top 10.

The biggest problem for the Cavs last year was how they defended the small-ball lineups of Durant and Westbrook.

The big men in those lineups played very close to the hoop, so there was no real chance to get off shots against them.

The teams with a better interior defense will have a better chance to win games this year with their smaller lineups.

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