How to be a successful college basketball player, according to one of the greatest coaches in the game

BOSTON — The Boston Celtics and their head coach, Brad Stevens, have spent the last four years talking about the value of basketball, and that’s how they’ve treated a young, hungry and young-looking team.

That’s been the message from a group of players that had a chance to become the best ever.

They all went in there and didn’t get it.

They didn’t win a championship.

But the guys that came through the door — and it wasn’t just a freshman class that was great, it was a bunch of guys who had a good feel for the game, and they showed it, and it showed them in the playoffs.

The Celtics are one of a handful of NBA teams to have a team with a coach with that pedigree.

Boston has won three titles.

They are among the best in the NBA in three-point shooting, rebounding and free throws made per game.

And in a league that is trying to get to the next level, it’s a group that can be the best.

The players are all playing well.

But for the most part, the coaching staff is doing a great job, and you just hope that the players can continue to develop.

But they are still young, and so it’s been a little bit of a struggle for them to adjust to the system and to have to adjust, but it’s worked out in the end.

Stevens is the best basketball coach in the history of the sport.

He has won six titles and reached the NBA Finals three times.

And that’s the biggest thing for a coach to have going for him.

He can be a winner.

He’s a winner who has been successful in many ways.

But he has a great understanding of the game.

He knows how to win.

He understands the rules.

He does it in a very simple, easy-to-follow way.

That has helped him get the players in the right mindset and in the best position to succeed.

That, along with the players being hungry, and having a great sense of what they want, has helped them to get better.

They have had the opportunity to develop a lot of guys, and those guys, in my opinion, can be leaders in the future.

They need to continue to grow, and hopefully they will be the leaders in Boston.

It was the best coaching job I’ve ever had.

I have never had a coach like Brad Stevens who has had a group like this.

And it’s really a special group.

He gets the best out of all of us, which is good, because we all want to win, and the coaches have helped us get to that point.

It’s been hard, but we have all grown up together.

I’ve learned so much from the guys, from the coaching, from playing with them.

And we have had a really good year.

We have two of the best players in basketball in Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley.

But in the summertime, there is a lot to learn.

It is really exciting to see them come together, and then the rest of the season is going to be pretty special.

For me, it is the ultimate team effort, but I’ve always been the coach.

The first time I saw the group, it gave me goosebumps.

And then the next time, I saw it again.

I’m so happy for all of them.

It gives me so much happiness, because they’re all so young.

I don’t think any coach ever saw this group and saw how talented they are.

It has made all of the players better and made it so much easier to work with them, to teach them.

This is one of those great things about coaching.

You don’t have to be the most talented coach to be successful.

You just have to have the best staff.

We’ve had a great year, and we have a lot more talent than we ever had before.

I am very proud of our players and of what we have accomplished, and I think that we are going to have an unbelievable season.

But we have to go back to work on our practices.

We’re working on them, and just getting them back on the court.

And obviously, we have the opportunity right now to continue winning.

The biggest thing we have got to do is make sure that we continue to play good basketball.

The next year is going, and our expectations will be high.

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