Clarksville Crossovers tryouts will start October 12, 2018 more to follow

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The Clarksville Crossovers is an nationally ranked program (US Amateur) that provides all children the opportunity to learn the game, develop and improve their skills, and play competitive basketball against other players of equal or higher skills in practice and in games. This will hopefully give our players exposure and perhaps help them have a successful Middle School, High School and College Career at either Division 1, 2 or 3 schools. They will also receive quality coaching. They will get to travel and make new friends all the great state of Tennessee, but most of all “Have Fun”. 

Intersted in Travel Basketball

The Clarksville Crossovers Basketball Program is a regional travel team from Clarksville, TN! For information email us

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IG: Clarksville Crossovers

IG: Lady_Clarksville_Crossovers

Twitter: @crossovers931

Facebook: Clarksville Crossovers AAU

Fall Tryouts

Additional Information

The Crossovers will open its doors for tryouts starting October 12, 2018:

• 2022  9th Grade October 19 6-8PM
• 2023  8th Grade October 19 6-8PM
• 2024  7th Grade October 14 4-6PM
• 2025  6th Grade October 14 4-6PM
• 2026  5th Grade October 14 4-6PM
• 2027  4th Grade October 12 6-8PM
• 2028  3rd Grade October 12 6-8PM

This invite is for all kids, the doors has been opened, all you have to do is now walk through it.

Please show up 30 minutes prior for registration

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